IFTF Awards Fellowships Worldwide to Help Create a Positive Gig Economy

Teams in Ireland, Italy, Spain and the U.S. awarded fellowships to tackle challenges and seize opportunities of on-demand economy

These fellowships support projects ranging from connecting people with disabilities to employers, to creating a platform model that combines the worker protections found in co-ops with the flexibility inherent in existing high-growth platforms.


Why Workable Futures?

How do we create the level of stability created over the last century for workers while maintaining the flexibility that we know people want?

Natalie Foster, Peers Co-founder

Today we have a choice. We can be thrown into the new world of work as castaways, naked, dazed and ill-equipped to cope with the new hostile landscape. Or we can arrive as enlightened immigrants, open to the new opportunities and ready to learn the new culture.

Marina Gorbis, IFTF Executive Director