Positive Platforms Fellowship Program


Do you want to help blueprint a new generation of “positive platforms” to create more equitable and sustainable livelihoods for all?

Folks attending one of our IFTF Design Jams on November 30–December 1, 2016 were invited to apply to for a three-month IFTF Positive Platforms Fellowship program to further develop concepts that emerge from the event day.


The fellowship run for three months, and selected fellows will receive a stipend to support their work and research in prototyping a “positive platform.”


  • Access to IFTF research staff, affiliates, and extended network
  • Mentorship from IFTF WFI’s thought leaders
  • Invitations to attend IFTF’s conferences and public programming
  • Amplification of work via IFTF’s media channels
  • Workspace at IFTF’s office in Palo Alto, California


  • Only participants of the Positive Platforms Design Jams (either in Palo Alto or in the Satellite Jams) will be eligible to apply for the Fellowship. No exceptions. 

Fellowship Conditions

  • Only participants in the Positive Platforms Design Jams (either in Palo Alto or in the satellite Jams) are eligible to apply for the Fellowship.
  • Applicants may submit a proposal as an individual or as a team of no more than four (4) persons.
  • A Committee Panel of 3-5 experts will be assembled to select four (4) winning proposals.
  • Each winning individual/team will receive a stipend of US$9,000 each.
  • If a team made up of more than one person is selected for a Fellowship, that team will only receive only one award of $9,000. It is up to the team to divide the funds among the team members however they wish.
  • The Fellowship term will be three (3) calendar months from January 23 to April 24, 2017.
  • At the beginning of the Fellowship, each Fellow will submit a 1-2 page work plan and budget.
  • At the conclusion of the Fellowship, each Fellow will write a 1-2 page summary report of what they have achieved during the term of the Fellowship and a budget that shows budget versus actuals. In addition, Fellows will submit either 1) a concept report of 1,000-2,500 words or 2) a prototype with a detailed description of the proposed concept.
  • If the funds granted to the Fellows are not used in accordance with the Fellowship terms, IFTF may recover those funds from the Fellows.

Selection Criteria

  • Greatest positive impact for workers
  • IFTF’s ability to support the fellow(s)
  • Overlap with design challenges
  • Team strength
  • Feasibility


Email Carol Neuschul: cneuschul@iftf.org

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