Thought Leaders

The IFTF Workable Futures Initiative brings together a multidisciplinary team of thought leaders and research experts in education, workforce development, labor economics, and social policy.

Marina Gorbis: IFTF Executive Director

marina_gorbis_130x130Marina is a futurist and social scientist who serves as executive director to the Institute for the Future. In her 17 years with IFTF, Marina has brought a futures perspective to hundreds of organizations in business, education, government, and philanthropy to improve innovation capacity, develop strategies, and design new products and services. Marina’s current research focuses on how social production and technology are changing the face of major industries, a topic explored in detail in her book, The Nature of the Future: Dispatches from the Socialstructed World.


Natalie Foster: IFTF Fellow + Peers Co-founder

natalie_foster_130x130Natalie has spent the last 15 years at the crossroads of social movements and technology. She’s transformed and run some of the largest digital teams in the country, including President Obama’s successful effort to pass health reform, and built two organizations from scratch. Natalie co-founded and launched to support people who are working in the sharing economy. Prior to Peers, she was CEO and co-founder of Rebuild the Dream, a platform for people-driven economic change. Natalie also served as digital director for President Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA) and the DNC, as well as deputy organizing director for


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