Watch IFTF’s thought leaders discuss the future of work.

IFTF Positive Platforms Design Jam

Marina Gorbis & Devin Fidler | November 2016

People from around the world joined together with creative technologists, social inventors, policy experts, and thought leaders for a two-day event in Palo Alto on Nov 30-Dec 1, 2016, where we teased out the thorny challenges of the evolving on-demand economy and prototyped real solutions.

SOCAP15 – A New Social Contract in the Age of Uber

Marina Gorbis | October 2015

The future of work is changing fast, and the growing on-demand economy – spurred by tech platforms like Uber, Lyft, and Shyp – are generating new income opportunities. This brings up important questions about how we work, organize, and fund retirement. Is it time to re-think our social contract?

re:Work at Google

Marina Gorbis | October 2014

Marina Gorbis shares a brief look at how labor has evolved throughout humanity’s brief working life. Historically, we haven’t worked in centralized organizations for very long – early work was primarily transactional, agricultural, and substantial. But today, through the advent of open platforms and widely accessible technology, that technological advantage is being disrupted. Transaction costs for the individual are shrinking, which allows more people to make a profit working outside of large organizations.

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